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Natural and gourmet salt from the Austrian Alps

The salt from the Austrian BAD ISCHLER is produced in a traditional way. Salt in its natural and original form is one of the most valuable treasures of the Austrian mountains.

The natural ROSA STENSALT is extracted directly from the mountain Salzkammergut and is characterized by its beautiful colour and colour. natural salt flavour.

The rock salt is extracted from raw natural minerals and is something special because of its rarity and difficult extraction.

A unique salt that is also perfect for the salt mill.

Check out our selection of Alexander Mills salt mills.

Flageal salt SALZZART are delicate handmade gourmet salt flakes, which is perfectly suited as a finishing salt for refining dishes such as steaks, carpaccio, vegetables and more.

Ideal as finger salt in the kitchen and on the table.

Very beautiful in combination with our raku-burned salt vessel from Dorte Visby.

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