''Split' knivmagnet' - Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design''Split' knivmagnet' - Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design

'Split' knife magnet

Fra $117.00 USD
''Cork' magnetskinne' - Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design''Cork' magnetskinne' - Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design

'Cork' magnetskinne

Fra $59.00 USD
''Katana' knivholder' - Knivblok fra Rune-Jakobsen Design''Katana' knivholder' - Knivblok fra Rune-Jakobsen Design

'Katana' knife holder

Fra $188.00 USD
''Leather line' knivblok' - Knivblok fra Rune-Jakobsen Design''Leather line' knivblok' - Knivblok fra Rune-Jakobsen Design

'Leather line' knivblok

Fra $328.00 USD
''H' dobbelt knivskinne' - Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design''H' dobbelt knivskinne' - Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design

'H' double knife rail

Fra $281.00 USD

Our magnetic knife rails and knife blocks are beautifully processed and of very high quality.

The vast majority of knife rails and knife blocks on the retail market are mass-produced in Asia or Eastern Europe - but with us you will only find handmade, Danish-produced knife storage made in our North Jutland furniture store.

Unlike many other knife rails and blocks on the market, our knife holders are fully magnetic.  This means that you can place your knives anywhere on the rail or block.

Many manufacturers choose to send point magnetic products on the market that can only hold a limited number of knives as there is only one (and often weak) round magnet per. knife.

Our magnets are invisibly encased in the wood and are distributed in multiple, unbroken rows along the entire length of the rail or block. In this way, we achieve optimal adhesion with several contact points on each individual knife blade.

This prevents your knives from "spinning" around and being attracted to each other even if they are close together.

Strong Neodymium magnets in high quality are expensive, so many manufacturers skip where the bar is lowest. We import our magnets ourselves directly from a manufacturer we trust, who delivers magnets in the quality and formats we want - so you won't find any cheap disk magnets or weak hobby magnets in our designs.

We only use powerful high-quality N50/N52 neodymium magnets in various sizes, which are carefully selected so that they play optimally with the design of the knife rail.

That's why we give a 100% guarantee that your knives can be placed freely and hang exactly as you want on all our designs, regardless of which one you choose - otherwise you get your money back 😎


If you are looking for a special type of knife magnet or want to have a storage solution designed and tailored, you are of course also welcome to contact us. We are ready to make a non-binding offer for exactly what you need.

All our knife rails initially come with invisible brackets for screw suspension on the back - but you have e.g. a tiled wall and do not want to screw in it, all rails can of course also be made without suspension so that they can be stuck up with e.g. "No more nails" from Pattex or a similar assembly glue. It is only necessary to state it in the remarks when ordering.

Return policy
When you order a unique knife rail or knife block in the webshop without having "seen it in real life", there will always be a built-in uncertainty as two products are never the same or have the same visual expression - so maybe the result was not quite as you had imagined you or expected.

That is why there is a FULL RETURN RIGHT on all products - even if they are custom-made. I'll pay the return postage and then we'll talk about what needs to be changed so that you're 100% satisfied with your purchase, after which I'll make a new version with a smile - because at Rune-Jakobsen Design we only collect from satisfied customers 😊