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We have selected a smaller network of dealers, each of which represents larger or smaller parts of our product catalogue.

Please note that no store carries our entire range. You can order most of our products from our dealers, but you can of course also order and have customized products directly from us, so send an email if you are looking for something special.

  • Laurentius, Skagen
  • Illum's Housing
  • FoodGear, Torvehallerne Kbh.
  • H. W. Larsen, Kødbyen Kbh.
  • Kitchen coat, Svendborg
  • Nordic Chefs
  • Sir. Forest, Blåvand
  • The Forge, Dubai
  • Japanese Knife Company, Stockholm - London - Paris
  • Knifeo, Sweden
  • Cutting Edge Knives, UK
  • Gallery Wesby, Lønstrup
  • Huset Frost, Femmøller beach
  • JPknives
  • Anne Flohr, Aalborg
  • Mrs Skov, Brædstrup
  • Lysbutikken, Nuuk
  • Kitchen life
  • Winberg, Gotland

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