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'Minimal' coffee mill 19,5 cm.



Sale price$84.00 USD Regular price$102.00 USD

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MINIMAL Is a coffee mill intended for those who enjoy the Zen moment and the process of hand painting your quality coffee.

Minimal measures 19.5 cm and has a diameter of 4 cm. It holds approx. 30 grams of coffee beans equivalent to 0,5 litres of filter coffee; or 2 cups, cf. James Hoffmann V60 filter brewing.

Minimal is produced in solid brass which is subsequently chrome plated. The mill has a wall thickness of 1 mm and a solid cast mill, designed so it paints your spices optimally.

The 3-piece mill first leads the coffee bean into the works and then it is roughly painted to finally become whole. Fine painted.

The high quality can be clearly felt when you get the bike in your hand - it weighs well and is a pleasure to work with. The swing arm makes it easy to grind the coffee beans.

The grinded coffee lands in a tiny metal container under the grinder itself, which you can easily take off. and then you pour the ground coffee in your coffee maker.

NOTE : The handle is placed inside the grinder on delivery. You must take the handle out yourself and mount it after filling.

Click here for care guidance.

'Minimal' kaffekværn Kaffekværne fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Minimal' coffee mill 19,5 cm. Sale price$84.00 USD Regular price$102.00 USD