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'Slim'n Flat' knife magnet







Sale price$118.00 USD

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Slim'n Flat is the "slim" version of our 40x40mm Knifeboard designs.

The Slim'n Flat measures (HxD) 45x25mm and comes with straight cut end caps without flattering.

  • Slim'n Flat Classics Have rails on top/under side and eyes on the front;
  • Slim'n Flat Rails Has rails on the front.
  • Slim'n Flat Exclusive Has rails above/underside rails

    The magnets are invisiblely encapsulated in the wood and divided into several rows for optimal attachment with multiple contact points on the blade. This prevents your knives from spinning around the rail and being attracted to each other.

    Slim comes standard with brass details. If you want alu you can write it as a note in the shopping cart.

    Read more about how our knife rails differ from other products on the market.

    Slim comes with hidden suspension and brackets and screws and rawplugs included of course.

    'Slim'n Flat' knivmagnet Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
    'Slim'n Flat' knife magnet Sale price$118.00 USD