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'The Tar(z)an box' - box for all sorts of things

Size LxBxH (ex. goal):

Size LxBxH (ex. goal)

Material pages:

Material pages

Lid material:

Lid material

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Good day, my name is Taran - so lissom in Tarzan, just without the Z...

This is how a conversation I had with a customer who wanted a specially designed box with a lid began.

I simply couldn't stand that intro, so now the box (with his blessing) is named after him 😂

With "The Taran box" you get a flexible storage box in solid wood with a lid that can be used anywhere in your home for laundry, toys, newspapers, yarn, etc. or as a small side table or stool.

Choose between the types of wood oak, smoked oak or walnut with details in brass and combine the types of wood yourself for the sides and lid of the box

Please contact me if you want a size that is not available in the webshop or another for oiling - e.g. white pigmentation - then we tailor a solution for you. Minor changes in relation to standard products are of course made without charge.

'The Tar(z)an box' - kasse til alverdens ting Accessories fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'The Tar(z)an box' - box for all sorts of things Sale price$548.00 USD