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'Cork' - magnetic knife rail

Sale price€92,95 EUR

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CORK is a fully magnetic knife rail that is covered with natural cork that protects your knife blades.


The cork we use is a 100% natural material that is sustainably grown and harvested in Portugal.

Cork is impermeable to water and air. It protects against bacteria and harmful microorganisms and is a soft and delicious surface for your knife blades.

The magnets are invisibly encased in the wood and distributed in several rows so that you achieve optimal adhesion with several contact points on the knife blade. This prevents your knives from "spinning" around on the rail and being attracted to each other.

Read more about how our knife rails differ from other products on the market.

The knife rail is 45mm wide and protrudes approximately 25mm from the wall. As a standard, it can be ordered in lengths between 25 and 60 cm. 

If you would like a knife rail in special dimensions, please contact us.

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Rune-Jakobsen Woodworks Cork magnetskinne med naturkork_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Cork' - magnetic knife rail Sale price€92,95 EUR


It requires knowledge and experience to choose the right type of magnets and place them invisibly in the wood so that full magnetism is achieved throughout the length/width of the holder as well as optimal attachment of the knife blade so that the knife can be easily removed from the block or rail without using unnecessary force.

It is this kind of know-how that characterizes the knife holders from Rune-Jakobsen Design.

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We know what we're doing - so whether you get a standard product made or your knife holder custom made, we go to great lengths to create the best, most beautiful and most functional knife storage you can find on the market.

Every time!