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About Matsuda Kiribako Co.

Masuda Kiribako Co. was established in 1929 as a manufacturer of traditional handmade kiribako boxes made from paulownia wood (called 'Kiri' in Japanese).

Initially, the production consisted of boxes for traditional Japanese objects such as Hakata dolls and Shamisen instruments.

Later, Masuda Kiribako developed a wide range of wooden boxes for tea ceremony instruments, foodstuffs and other small household items.

Masuda Kiribako is run today by Hirofumi Fujii, who is the third generation. Born in 1987, Hirofumi is a young leader who has carried on the craft of his grandfather, the second generation leader of Masuda Kiribako. With Hirofumi, Masuda Kiribako continuously develops unique craft methods to create beautiful and charming wooden boxes



Having apprenticed in Hiroshima, Hirofumi's great-grandfather, Matsuyoshi Masuda, establishes “Matsuyoshi Masuda's Kiribako Shop” in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture


Land is purchased in Koga City, Fukuoka and Masuda Kiribako transfers to a newly built factory


"Masuda Kiribako Corporation" is established with Hirofumi's grandfather, Hiroshi Masuda as the President


A second factory is established in Shingu, within the Kasuya District of Fukuoka


Masuda Kiribako establishes its own lumber yard


Masuda Kiribako works are put on display in the Kyushu National Museum


Hirofumi Fujii becomes President of Masuda Kiribako


Collaborations with designers are started, and Masuda Kiribako launches production and development of designer products


Masuda Kiribako moves to a newly built factory in Koga City, Fukuoka


Masuda Kiribako's paulownia wood rice bin is selected by the JIDA Design Museum Selection

*JIDA: Japan Industrial Designers Association