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About flax, care and maintenance.

The flax plant has been cultivated for thousands of years and is one of the oldest plants that has been used in the manufacture of clothing and textiles.

Linen fabric is made from the flax plant and is 100% natural. The production is sustainable and the result is strong and fine fibers, which are spun into yarn that is woven and dyed into the finished fabrics.

The flax fibers are naturally thicker and stronger than other materials, and are 30% thicker than cotton. This makes it very durable, so you don't have to worry about wear and tear and the more you use your linen products, the softer and more beautiful they become.

To make the best of the amazing features of the flax, we recommend that you follow the following below: Washing and care instructions:

  • Flax fabric is soaked in lukewarm water before the first wash - preferably overnight (closely woven things prefer a day or more). This prevents the flax fibres from breaking.
  • Wash at 60 degrees 
  • Apply detergents without bleach and optical white
  • Spin cycle should be as short as possible - flax dries quickly off itself.
  • Hørren smoothed and stretched in a wet state;
  • Avoid bright sunlight during drying
  • Avoid tumble drying
  • Can be ironed or rolled before completely dry
  • Count on 5-7% shrinkage


  • Tablecloths/runners - Roll the slightly damp linen cloth/runner smooth and tight around a plastic tube and let it finish drying!
  • Tea towels - soak in cold water for 24 hours before the first wash - then they quickly become really good with high absorbency!
  • Dried red wine stains - Dab a little glycerine on the stain, put it all in a plastic bag overnight, then wash at 60 degrees
  • Other spots- Use dishwashing liquid without color, put it all in a plastic bag overnight, then wash at 60 degrees

 Here's how to best care for your flax products:

  • Linen is best washed at max. 40C coloured wash or possibly. on wool program at 30-40C, with liquid wool wash or special wash. No tumble drying!
  • Linen does not need to be washed nearly as often as other materials! You can treat your product like wool and just hang it for airing
  • Linen becomes nice and soft from drying outdoors in a light breeze - Avoid direct sunlight.
  • You do not have to iron (but of course you can) - the natural wavy expression is part of the charm of linen products.