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'Just a board'

Sale price€88,95 EUR

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Sometimes you just need a board.

A board that can complement your kitchen, hold up to daily use without becoming frayed and warped and a board that you can look at and look forward to for many years.

A beautifully processed board made of solid oak, smoked oak or walnut that can bring life to a Corian table plate or in a kitchen environment in stainless steel with a surfaces.

A board without hand grips, sap grooves, brass details or other hoist.

Just a board!

Meat Just a board. I try to create a minimalist board that is in harmony, and has a visual expression that clearly indicates that a board can be more than "just a board"

'Just a board' is made in a number of standard sizes, but you are welcome to contact me if you have a desired size or e.g. want your board with a leading edge.

If you want laser engraving, it will be done without charge.

The standard thickness is 4 cm.

Is your desired goal within the dial in relation to My default goals I'd like to make one. "Just a board" In special sizes without charge.

Rune-Jakobsen Woodworks 'Bare et bræt' skærebræt uden dikkedarer_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Just a board' Sale price€88,95 EUR