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'Vivid' - expressive board with deep juice grove

Sale price€127,95 EUR

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'Vivid' has a design which, by virtue of a special manufacturing technique, gives the board a vibrant and varied symmetrical print.

The technique means that 'Vivid' has pretty much the same visual expression on both the top and underside, unlike many of my other designs which has a topside with a marked symmetrical pattern and an underside with a more random expression.

Serious juice grooves:
Vivid was born with juice grooves on one side. The groove is 2 cm wide and 1 cm deep and therefore can accommodate a lot of fluid so it won't run onto your table, as is often the case with other types of juice grooves that are mostly decorative.

If you want your board without juice grooves, just write a note when ordering.

Rune-Jakobsen Woodworks 'Vivid' - ekspressivt bræt med dyb saft rille_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Vivid' - expressive board with deep juice grove Sale price€127,95 EUR