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'Infinity' - wide knife magnet

Sale price€191,95 EUR

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Do you want to store and present your knives in an attractive way? Then perhaps INFINITY is the answer.

The available widths of 10, 18 or 28 cm allow you to creatively place your knives on the board, while your blades are presented on a beautiful background of solid oak, smoked oak or walnut.

Infinity has a brass or aluminium rail inserted in its length, which gives a cool graphic effect when your knives are placed across the rails on the board.

Since both the brass and aluminum I use are much softer than knife steel, it will not scratch your knife blades. If you still don't mind the idea of your knife blades having to cross two metal rails, you can consider the "Defined" knife rail instead.

The edges of Infinity are all rounded, and therefore create a beautiful shade effect towards the wall, which also makes getring the knives off the board easier.

Powerful magnets are invisibly encapsulated in the tree and divided into several rows, so your knives will adhere no matter your size and weight.

Read more about how our knife rails differ from other products on the market.

You can also position the Infinity vertically - and since it can be customly manufactured in optional lengths, there is no limit to the number of knives that can be held - that's as cool as it gets 😎

Infinity is produced with details in brass by default. If you want aluminum you can write it as a note in the shopping cart.

Also indicate under remarks whether you want your INFINITY hanging horizontally or vertically - then the suspension will be added accordingly.

Would you like a custom made Infinity? Please contact me for a chat about your options.

Rune-Jakobsen Woodworks 'Infinity' bred knivskinne med messingdetaljer_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Infinity' - wide knife magnet Sale price€191,95 EUR


It's all about aesthetics and know-how in relation to choosing the right type of magnets for the task and placing them in the wood in such a way that optimal adhesion to the knife blade is achieved at the same time that the knife can be easily removed from the block or rail without using unnecessary power.

It is this kind of know-how that characterizes the knife holders from Rune-Jakobsen Design.

Read more about our knife holders here:

We know what we're doing - so whether you get a standard product made or your knife holder custom made, we go to great lengths to create the best, most beautiful and most functional knife storage you can find on the market.

Every time!