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Sri Lanka Blanc

Sale price€12,95 EUR

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Penja Blanc has a round, intense spicy. The taste is sturdy and powerful with a mineral flavor and it harmonizes perfectly with fish and shellfish, poultry, Vegetables, oranges and pears.

Penja Blanc grows on volcanic soil, rich in minerals, giving the pepper its character.

This white pepper is not picked until it is fully mature. The farmers then clean the pepper in running water for several days. The outer must be removed so that only the core of the pepper is left.

In the next step, the peppers are dried under the sun and selected by hand. Only the largest and most perfect berries are then selected and packed.

It is suitable for mortars and bikes.

PurePepper 'Sri Lanka Blanc' hvid peber_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
Sri Lanka Blanc Sale price€12,95 EUR