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Læsø wool plaid

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Læsø Plaid®

Is produced in the best quality of wool. The raw wool is sorted in a number of natural colors, which is used in different fabrics to create a beautiful selection of patterns and color games.

Environmentally sound production is highlighted. For example, all the spinning oils used in production are biodegradable. The production criteria mean: the grey and white products are all uncoloured and unbleached and therefore free of chemical additives.

The plates are woven in 10% oversize after which the fringes are made. They are then washed in hot soap, dried and brushed, so that the surface of the finished plaid becomes soft and nice.

Læsø Plaid® Has preserved the skin-friendliness and softness of natural wool. The high quality of the plaid will give you daily pleasure for a long time to come!

Dimensions: 140 x 240 cm incl. fringes

Weight: 1.2 kg.

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