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About Hinoki

◎ About use

Hinoki wood expands and contracts as it absorbs moisture or dries.

Avoid excessive drying by exposing it to direct sunlight or leaving it in water for long periods, as this can cause the wood to warp and crack.

Wet the surface thoroughly before use to prevent the board from absorbing bacteria and odors.

After use, we recommend that you wash (or scrub) the board with coarse salt instead of using washing-up liquid. This will preserve the wood's natural antiseptic properties.

Allow the board to dry thoroughly in a shaded area with good ventilation, then store in a dry place.


◎About resin

Resin extraction may occur on the surface. This is a natural resin that is harmless to humans. It is the resin that is the source of the board's wonderful scent and also contributes to the wood's antiseptic properties. If you think the board is "sticky" a little, you can wipe the board with pure alcohol.