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Care instructions, spice grinder


Before use, it is recommended to grind a small amount through the grinding mechanism of the mill and then discard it.

In most of the mills, the handle is packaged inside the mill body and must be installed before the mill is put into use for the first time. Unscrew the bolt in the top of the mill and remove the top, take out the handle, put the top back on, put the handle on top of it and tighten the nut.

All mills listed as pepper mills are made for pepper, but can also grind dried spices. In general, it is not recommended to grind spices with a soft core in these mills.

Salt should only be ground in mills listed as salt mills.

The coffee mills are fitted with a removable container at the bottom for collecting the ground coffee. 

To insert peppercorns, coffee beans or salt, unscrew the bolt at the top of the mill and remove the top. You can determine the coarseness you want to produce by adjusting the screw at the bottom of the mill. Salt mills cannot be adjusted.

However, the Chefs Mate model is refilled from the hatch on the side of the mill, and the coarseness is set on the screw at the top of the mill.


The outside of ​brass mills and copper mills will naturally oxidize and develop a patina over time and through use.

If you want to maintain a bright and new appearance, you can polish the outside of the mill with a soft cloth applied with regular metal polish.

Never wash or immerse the mill in water, as water will corrode the mechanism.