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'Grounded' cutting board

Sale price€144,95 EUR

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GROUNDED is a design with asymmetrical details.

On the long sides the brass or aluminium rails are placed down against the table which gives good weight to the board.

At the front, the rails are placed high on the board and help to mark the cut of the handholds.

GROUNDED is available both with and without juice grooves.

Rims are 2 cm wide and approx. 1 cm deep and therefore can accommodate a lot of fluid so it won't run onto the table, as is often the case with other types of juice grooves that are mostly decorative. Juice grooves, of course, is made at no additional charge.

The board is made with brass details by default. If you want aluminium, you can note this in the shopping basket.

Rune - Jakobsen Woodworks 'Grounded' skærebræt_1 by Rune - Jakobsen Design
'Grounded' cutting board Sale price€144,95 EUR

Why choose a board from Rune-Jakobsen Design?

Our range of handmade cutting boards help you with your cooking and dress up any kitchen or dining table.

We make everything from small chopping boards to huge display boards, so you can definitely find a cutting board with us that matches your wishes and needs.

The vast majority of cutting boards on the market are mass-produced in Asia or Eastern Europe - but with us you will only find hand-made, Danish-produced quality products in oak or walnut made in our own joinery.

The cutting boards are made individually to order, and we make every effort to give each board a beautiful, harmonious and individual look.

The small difference that makes the big difference!
Unlike many other cutting board manufacturers, we consider a cutting board as a piece of furniture that must be made with care.

We spend time creating a harmonious and visual expression. We prioritize spending time on both coarse, medium and fine sanding with washing down between each sanding, so that the end result is a cutting board with a silky smooth finish that patinas beautifully so you can enjoy it for many years without it becoming rough and tedious to look and feel.

In other words, we do not make "buy cheap - use and throw away" cutting boards

Only solid FSC certified furniture wood is used for all our designs. Likewise, the production of cutting boards is under the control of the Danish Food Agency.

When you order a unique cutting board in the webshop without having "seen it in reality", there will always be a built-in uncertainty as no two boards are ever the same or have the same expression - so perhaps the result was not quite as you had imagined or expected.

That is why there is a full right of return on all cutting boards - even if they are custom-made.