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'Hack 4Knives' shelf with knife magnet

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HACK 4knives is both a cool shelf and a fully magnetic knife rail. The front edge is magnetized along its entire length, so you decide for yourself how many knives you want sitting on the shelf, and how they should be placed.

You can order HACK 4Knives in lengths between 30 and 80 cm. The shelf is approx. 9cm deep and the back piece is 12cm high.

The difference between the various designations of HACK with magnetic leading edge is the location- and strength of the magnets we use, so that an optimal solution is achieved in relation to the function of the shelf.

The magnets are invisibly encased in the wood and distributed in several rows so that you achieve optimal adhesion with several contact points on each knife blade.

This prevents your knives from "spinning" around on the rail and being attracted to each other.

Feel free to contact me if you want a size that is not available in the webshop or another kind of treatment - e.g. white pigmentation - then we tailor a solution for you. Small changes relative to the standard products are of course made without additional charge.

On the back there is a hidden suspension, so you just have to screw the supplied screws into the wall and click the shelf into place.

Rune-Jakobsen Woodworks 'Hack 4Knives' hylde med knivmagnet_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Hack 4Knives' shelf with knife magnet Sale price€158,95 EUR