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About Spice Grinders

Rune-Jakobsen Design Has agency on the handmade spicegrinders From Alexander Handmade Mills.

These grinders are unbeatable at grinding salt, pepper, coffee and other dry spices such as cardamom, coriander seeds, cumin etc.

Alexander Handmade Mills was established 45 years ago by mechanical engineers Ioannou and Zarkadis. Their vision was to produce beautiful metal grinders of the highest quality. It has been very successful, and today their hand mills are successfully sold all over the world.

Although the company has expanded since 1977, they have retained their production in Thessaloniki, which is the main city of the area of birth of Alexander the Great. This gives the products a strong link to Greek history and culture.

All mills are made in brass, copper, chrome and brushed chrome. The grinder insert itself is molded and designed so that it actually grinds your spices and coffee and does not simply crush them like many other grinders on the market. This means that you get maximum flavor and aroma from your ingredients. The perfect choice for both the private and the professional food chef.

The beautiful grinders differ from the norm by their high quality and simple functionality. They are a solid piece of craftsmanship with a sense of aesthetic and rock-solid production.