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Porseblade - SOLD OUT 2023

Sale price$25.00 CAD
Option 1:

Porsesnaps is probably known to most people 😋

We have a large stock of pigs on our grounds and deliver from day to day in the season from July - September. 

When you order 1 portion of porse leaves, you get approx. 100 blade. We cut whole twigs from the bushes and vacuum pack them with leaves on them. The stems can also be used for essence.

Te are many pork schnapps recipes out te, but click her to see Elisabeth from Thybomads lovely recipe, which is the one we ourselves use and recommend 🤩

You can order magazines all year round, but be aware that we only picks and sends July - September each year.

Kari & Torben Porseblade, sæson 2024 (plukkes og sendes ultimo juli og ultimo august)_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
Porseblade - SOLD OUT 2023 Sale price$25.00 CAD