Snapshots from everyday life at Rune-Jakobsen

Rune-Jakobsen Design is located in the combined carpentry and housing, which my wife Kari and I built on a large natural plot in Østhimmerland back in the '00s.

A small part of the total production takes place at my good friend, cobbler and cabinetmaker Mads, who is responsible for the production of high-end furniture and bathtubs in his own carpentry, which is located nearby.

Over the years, we have created a collaboration where we insist on creating meaning and coherence between the geekiness in the workshop and in the office, the closeness to nature and life with family, friends and good customers.

So therefore, the framework of our working life and private life is inextricably fused into a holistic perspective on what for us and our families is the good life.

Look inside and see glimpses of an everyday life filled with work and collaboration in beautiful surroundings