We only use carefully selected FSC certified furniture wood. The primary woods are oak, smoked oak and walnut. In addition, we work with a number of special types of wood that are sold in connection with. special orders. Eg. teak, ash, chestnut, golden rain, cherry, wengé, zebrano, beech, etc.

We finish all products with a high-quality wood oil, but do you want e.g. white pigmented oil or neutral wax treatment, we can of course do that too - the desired final treatment can be stated under remarks when ordering.

If you do not find what you are looking for on this page, or if you have any questions, we can be contacted on tel. 42 43 43 93 or mail.

NOTE that we always try to create unique products with an exciting visual expression and play of colors. You must therefore take our photos as a guide and not as a guarantee of how the finished product appears with vintages and color schemes. Remember that wood is a living material. No two pieces of wood are alike, so the pictures below are for guidance.

You can surf around our website and see examples of products we have made in the different types of wood to give you a better impression of the color variations, structure and expression of the types of wood.

If you are in doubt about the choice of wood for a product, you are very welcome to contact us for a talk about the possibilities. We are happy to advise and inspire 😊

- is a classic and well-known type of wood. The color of the innermost part of the trunk (heartwood) goes from reddish to gray-brown depending on the oak variety, and it gets darker with age and the influence of light. The outermost part of the stem (splinter) is lighter and without so much color pigment.

Smoked oak
- is oak that has undergone a treatment that results in the staining of the wood. Depending on the wood's own acid content, the color after treatment can vary from light honey brown to deep black. The smoked wood does not contain any harmful substances after the treatment.
NOTE that the color and color play as well as the color depth in the finished smoked oak can vary greatly.
Therefore, 100% uniform darkness can not be expected throughout the product. If you do not like the finished result, we will of course exchange with a smile😊
American Walnut
- is a very beautiful wood with lively veins that change from light to dark brown with a, at times, dark purple tinge. Varicose veins, colors and structure in walnut wood vary a lot - but it is always beautiful ..

- Wengé is a very hard and dark wood that grows in the central parts of Africa. Wengé is used exclusively in our Black Edition products
The base color is deep dark reddish brown / burgundy with beautiful black veins - so even though the series was called black edition, wengé is not 100% black.