Rune-Jakobsen Design is a Danish brand that, since 2016, has designed and manufactured exclusive handmade furniture, home furnishings and kitchenware for Danish and international customers.

Under our second brand DesignersBest we also have agency and distribution in Denmark and Sweden of products from Tessitura Toscana Telerie and Alexander Handmade Mills.

All design and manufacture of the products from Rune-Jakobsen Design takes place in the small family-owned cabinetmaker, scenically located far out in the countryside in Østhimmerland.

Here we have created the ideal framework around the company with a focus on personal customer service and the passion for the craftsmanship quality and caress for the details.

The small difference that makes a big difference
At Rune-Jakobsen Design, we cherish the craftsmanship traditions and take it seriously when we work according to the motto: CRAFTED - NOT PRODUCED!

Our designs are not mass produced and you will not find any veneer, MDF or laminate in our designs.

All products are handmade "on demand" in solid oak, walnut or smoked oak - so when you order one of our products it is not picked from a stock shelf but made especially for you.

We create our products according to the highest quality standards and with the professional cabinetmaker's sense of detail and craftsmanship - in other words, we put in the effort, which is why all products from Rune-Jakobsen Design have their very own DNA.

In other words, we don't make our designs according to the motto "buy cheap - use, throw away"

We prioritize personal service, so if you want a tailored solution, or if you have any questions before ordering, feel free to contact me directly by phone +45 42434393 or send a mail         

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Torben Rune-Jakobsen

📞:  +45 42434393