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'Athena Mill' brass pepper mill without hand turn - 24 cm.



Sale price$94.00 USD

ATHENA MILL. Is a beautiful swell of spice.

Athena is intended for pepper and other dried spices - But not salt.

Do you want to grind to salt you look at? Those models;

ATHENA Is 24 cm high and has a diameter of 5 cm.

Available in brass, copper, bright chrome and brushed chrome.

All mills are produced in solid brass or copper with a wall thickness of 1 mm and a solid cast mill, designed so it paints your spices optimally.

The 3-piece mill first leads the spice down into the works and then it is roughly painted to finally become fine. The one.

The mills in Chrome are made of solid brass, which is subsequently chrome plated.

The high quality can be clearly felt when you get a bike in your hand - they weigh well, and is a pleasure to work with in the kitchen. Weight 740 grams.

There's a difference between pushing and painting...
Unlike many others spicegrinders You get with Alexanders. spicegrinders A proper grinding that ensures that you get the optimal out of your spices.

The three-piece mill first directs the pepper grain into the plant and then it is coarsely painted to finally become n Very finely painted.

- And then the bikes aren't just for pepper. In addition to the salt and coffee models, the pepper mills paint with great ease also all kinds of dried seasonings like cardamom. seeds, cumin, coriander seeds, etc.

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'Athena Mill' messing peberkværn uden håndsving Peberkværne fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Athena Mill' brass pepper mill without hand turn - 24 cm. Sale price$94.00 USD