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'Hime' small Japanese brass forks (5 pieces)

Sale price$48.00 USD

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'Hime' means princess in Japanese. The name is said to come from the meaning of small and adorable.

As the name suggests, 'Hime' is a beautiful and elegant little brass fork with a two-piece tip.

It is manufactured by Sakami Kogei of Japan. Specialized craftsmen are responsible for the entire process from making the mold, cutting the material, pressing and shaping, polishing and finishing.

'Hime' is designed with both soft curves and sharp edges that can only be achieved by manufacturing and processing by hand.

A small work of art that shines over the serving of sweets, fruit, cheese, olives and other snacks.

Over time, the metal will become duller and patina beautifully. In Japan, this natural patina is appreciated and the unique texture is called 'Atari'.

A Japanese person will never polish their metal objects, so just leave it at that and instead appreciate the natural patina that is achieved over time!

'Hime' comes in a beautiful box with 5 forks.


Not machine washable. Store dry.

Sakami Kogei ‘Hime’ små japanske gafler i messing (5 styk)_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Hime' small Japanese brass forks (5 pieces) Sale price$48.00 USD