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Vitrine RJD-2

Tree variety:

Tree variety





Sale price$4,233.00 USD
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RJD 2 ANNEX II Of Its sleek lines and exclusive details a stylish and timeless furniture for your home.

With the RJD-2 we have moved forward and have added a number of exclusive details that lift the showcase further. I'm sorry.

RJD-2 Manufactured soam stand In oak, smoked oak or walnut.
You may.

    • recessed doors
    • Shelves in 2mm solid brass
    • Shelf bearings and signature details in brass
    • Closing with invisible magnets on the top/bottom so that the doors close on the right Rolls Royce-like, Dead.
    • Hand turned hand grip in solid brass
    • hidden suspension
    • Option of choosing backpack,

    RJD 2 Is a transparent and modern furniture in a light and floating language, breaking tradition with the classic display as a slightly heavy furniture with wide wooden profiles, thick shelves and firm backs.

    RJD 2 Is characterised by concealed doors with hidden hinges flowing from the front, narrow wooden profiles, floating shelves and it is produced as standard without back covering to underline the transparent expression.

    The hidden hinge makes the front appear without disturbing elements, while the almost invisible shelf bearings in the mess mess mess mess. contributes to the pure expression.

    100% handmade Danish furniture cutter quality.
    When you order a case with us, it's not picked from a storage shelf. but make specially for you in our furniture shed.

    The windows are handmade by carpenter master Mads Christensen. According to the highest quality standards and with the extremely skilled furniture browser's uncompromising sense of detail and craftsmanship. Careful.

    So when Mads makes a case, it's 100% concentration on the task and nothing else.

    Do you want one? Custommade Of course, there is also the possibility of tailor-made displays in your wishes.

    Please contact us by mail Or ☎Ake 424343933 If you have questions or want to inquire about the options of a tailor-made Solution.

    Delivery time approx. 10-12 weeks for a standard showcase. Feel free to call ☎Ake 424343933 If you want to ask about current delivery time.

    Vitrine RJD-2 Vitriner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
    Vitrine RJD-2 Sale price$4,233.00 USD