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'TUB' barrel wooden bathtub





Sale price$4,774.00 USD
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TUBE - Yeah. Treat yourself with the ultimate luxury of the bathroom and get tailor-made a handmade wooden bathtub.

As some of the only remaining in Denmark, we offer the manufacture of a genuine handmade stalker bath.

A wooden bathtub is the top measure of exclusive elegance. It adds atmosphere and heat to your bathroom environment and the wood keeps the water warm for longer than traditional bathtubs. r.

TUBE Handmade by carpenter Mads Christensen, who, in addition to his training as a furniture-maker, has also been trained by the country's leading masters in the old cattle trade. He creates TUBE According to the highest quality standards and with the uncompromising sense of detail and handicraft care of the skilled furniture collector; ANNEX II where every rod in the tub is cut, planed and adapted by hand to achieve optimal assembly quality.

TUBE Manufactured In thermoask or oak and comes as standard with stainless steel strips and optional drain location.

Thermoask Has a beautiful, exclusive and exotic look like tropical wood. The ash tree (which is basically white) has undergone a heat treatment, which makes the wood’s resistance to sponges and canisters increase, making the wood very useful for bathtubs. In the heat treatment, the colour of the wood is changed to beautiful nut brown, with reddish shades.

We have as an alternative to Thermoask the opportunity to offer Teak wood For your bathtub. Unfortunately, at present it has become almost impossible to extract genuine, certified Burma teak. which unfortunately is also reflected in the price, please contact us if you are interested in the possibility of a teakwood bath.

Oak wood Knows everyone, and that makes some really nice vessels. We use oak with a very low content of tannic acid so it is not like bathing in a winter year

The drain will be placed at the bottom of the vat so you can place your wooden tub near the existing floor storms. There is room for a hidden hose under the bottom of the wooden bathtub.

Wood is a living material that keeps working. This means that the tub can eventually become a little leaky if it is left unused. It is therefore advisable, that you occasionally fill your vessel and let it stand and expand to maintain its density.

We are happy to tailor a TUB to special dimensions Then contact us. If you want to know more, or want to inquire about the possibilities of a custom bathtub.

Delivery time approx. 10-12 uger. Please call (42434393) If you have questions or want to ask about the current delivery time.

'TUB' bødker træbadekar Badekar fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'TUB' barrel wooden bathtub Sale price$4,774.00 USD