TUB - handmade wooden bathtub


TUB - Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury for the bathroom and have a handmade wooden bathtub tailored.

As some of the only ones left in Denmark, we offer the manufacture of a real handmade cooper bathtub.

A wooden bathtub is the pinnacle of exclusive elegance. It adds atmosphere and warmth to your bathroom environment and the wood keeps the water warm for longer than traditional bathtubs.

TUB is handmade by master carpenter Mads Christensen, who in addition to his education as a cabinetmaker has also been trained by the country's leading masters in the old cooper trade. He creates TUB according to the highest quality standards and with the skilled carpenter's uncompromising sense of detail and craftsmanship, where every single rod in the tub is cut, planed and adapted by hand to achieve optimal collection quality.

TUB is made in certified teak, thermo ash or oak and comes as standard with stainless steel strips and optional drain placement.

Thermoask has a beautiful, exclusive and exotic look similar to tropical wood. The ash tree (which is basically almost white) has undergone a heat treatment that increases the tree's resistance to fungus and rot, which makes the wood very useful for bathtubs. In the heat treatment, the color of the wood changes to a beautiful nut brown, with reddish shades.

As an alternative to Thermoask, we have the opportunity to offer Teak wood for your bathtub. Unfortunately, it has currently become almost impossible to find real Burma teak, which unfortunately is also reflected in the price ....

Oak everyone knows, and it gives some wildly beautiful vessels. We use oak with a very low content of tannic acid so it is not like bathing in a wine barrel 😊

The drain is placed at the bottom of the tub according to your wishes so that you can place your wooden bathtub near the existing floor drain. Under the bottom of the wooden bathtub there is room for a hidden hose.

Wood is a living material that keeps working. This means that over time the tub can become a bit leaky if left unused. It is therefore advisable that you occasionally fill your tub and let it stand and expand so that it again achieves tightness.

We are happy to tailor a TUB in special sizes so contact us if you want to know more, or want to inquire about the possibilities for a custom bathtub.

If you do not want to put the entire purchase amount when ordering, it is possible to settle for 20% in payment.

Delivery time approx. 12-14 weeks. Please call (42434393) if you have questions or want to inquire about current delivery time.

All products are made "on demand" - so when you order a product in the webshop, we do not pick it from a storage shelf, but make it especially for you.

NOTE that we always try to create unique products with an exciting visual expression and play of colors. You should therefore take our photos as a guide and not as an expression of what a standard product looks like.

If you want a delivery estimate before you order or have questions, you are very welcome to call 42 43 43 93 or send an email - normal delivery time for standard products is 10-15 working days depending on product

Our juice thrills are not just for decoration. They are 2 cm wide and approx. 1 cm deep, so they can actually hold a lot of liquid, so you do not run it all over the table.

If you want a different type of juice collection than our standard grooves that follow the edges of the board, please feel free to contact us before ordering and inquire about the options for a "custom" juice roller.

I like to laser engrave name or logo in your product free of charge. Contact me before ordering if you want to inquire about the possibilities.

Oak is a classic and well-known type of wood. The color goes from reddish to gray-brown, and it gets darker with age and the influence of light. The outermost part of the trunk (splinter) is light and without dyes.
Smoked oak is oak that has undergone a treatment that results in the staining of the wood. Depending on the wood's own acid content, the color after treatment can vary from light honey brown to deep black.

NOTE that the color play in the finished smoked oak can vary greatly. Therefore, a 100% uniform dark color can not be expected in the finished product. If you do not like the finished result, we will of course exchange with a smile.
American walnut
is a very beautiful wood with lively veins that change from light to dark brown with a sometimes dark purple tinge. Varicose veins, colors and structure in walnut wood vary greatly - but it is always beautiful.

I myself take product photos and of course constantly try to expand the catalog so that sizes and designs can be best illustrated in the webshop.

Unfortunately, there are not yet photos of all variants in all sizes, so the photo that appears when choosing in the webshop primarily reflects only wood type - not necessarily size or variant.

NOTE that we always try to create unique products with an exciting visual expression and play of colors. You must therefore take our photos as a guide and not as a guarantee of how the finished product appears in terms of vintages and color scheme.

Are you in doubt about the choice of design, sizes, colors or type of wood - or do you have special wishes for the color of a product - you are very welcome to contact me at mail or phone +45 42 43 43 93 and get your questions clarified before you ordering.

You are always welcome to contact me at:

📞: +45 42 43 43 93

📩: torben @ rune-jakobsen. dk

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