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Magnetic knife blocks

Freestanding magnetic knife blocks in solid oak, smoked oak or walnut with details in brass, aluminium, leather, linoleum or cork.

All designs have powerful magnets invisiblely encapsulated in the wood and distributed in several rows so you can achieve optimal by optimising the use. Stitching with multiple contact points on the blades.
Of course, we also manufacture knife blocks in special sizes free of charge.
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Hvorfor vælge en Rune-Jakobsen knivblok?


The vast majority of knife blocks on the market are mass-produced in Asia or Eastern Europe - but with us you will find only handfuls. We know, Danish-produced knife storage made in our own furniture shelter.

Unlike many other knife blocks on the market, our design is full magnetic. This means that the knife block is effective throughout the width and you can therefore place your knives optionally.

Many manufacturers choose to send point magnetic products on the market that can only hold a limited number of knives since there is only one (and often weak) magnet per blade. knife.

The magnets in our designs are invisiblely encapsulated in the tree and are divided into several, unbroken rows over the entire width of the block. This allows you to achieve optimal attachment with multiple contact points on each knife blade, avoiding: Your knives slide down, or spin around and be attracted to each other if they sit tight.

Strong Neodymium magnets in high quality are expensive, so many manufacturers skip where the bar is lowest. We import our magnets ourselves directly from a manufacturer we trust, who delivers magnets in the quality and formats we want - so you won't find any cheap disk magnets or weak hobby magnets in our designs.

We only use powerful high-quality N50/N52 neodymium magnets in various sizes, which are carefully selected so that they play optimally with the design of the knife rail.

That's why we give a 100% guarantee that your knives can be placed freely and hang exactly as you want on all our designs, regardless of which one you choose - otherwise you get your money back 😎

Any questions about the knife blocks?

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