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'W' - Knife holders in Wengé.





Sale price$612.00 USD

'W' Is a premium series specially produced in the very largest series. Beautiful and precious wood variety Wengé.

Wengé is a very hard and dark wood that grows in central parts of Africa. The basic colour is deep dark reddish brown/bordeaux with beautiful black vintage markings - s Even though the series was called 'Black Edition', the wengé is not 100% black.

'W' Therefore also has a quite different exotic expression than our other products in oak or walnut.

Then you want a product in an exclusive wood Graphically tight and sharp with beautiful clean lines and straight, black / red stripes you have to go with 'W'

Contact me Tel. ☎! Or Mail✉! If you want a tailor-made design.

'W' - knivholdere I Wengé Specialprodukt fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'W' - Knife holders in Wengé. Sale price$612.00 USD