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Toiletry Bags

Beautiful toiletries from Belgian 'Libeco'

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Libeco Kosmetikpunge og toilettasker_1 by Rune-Jakobsen DesignLibeco Kosmetikpunge og toilettasker_2 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
Cosmetic bags and toilet bags Sale priceFrom $41.00 USD

Why choose Klassbols?

Libeco is owned and managed by the fifth generation of the Libeert family. Since 1858 the family has been at the top of the linen textile production industry.

Libeco's linen textiles stand for traditional craftsmanship and represent the highest standards for textile weaving. Flax is one of the most durable and sustainable fibres in the world. By combining these natural qualities with traditional craftsmanship, Libeco's textiles are known to have a high level of comfort, quality and durability. Libeco is committed to creating Belgian linen with the most environmentally friendly, sustainable, green processes as possible. By buying Belgian linen products you are secured linen that lasts a lifetime.

All products are woven locally in Belgium from flax from Flanders and Northern France.

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