Ansø of Denmark Gastro

The NJORD knives from Ansø of Denmark Gastro combine Danish and Japanese craft traditions in an elegant tool.

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About us

'Rune-Jakobsen Design' is a Danish brand that since 2016 has designed and manufactured exclusive handmade home furnishings and kitchenware for Danish and international customers under the brand Rune- Jakobsen Woodworks

We have agency on the home textiles from Italian Tessitura Toscana Telerie, the handmade spice grinders from Alexander Handmade Mills, unique ceramics from Dorte Visby (coming soon) as well as the kitchen knives from [Ansø of Denmark Gatstro] ]

In scenic surroundings far out in the countryside in Østhimmerland, we have created the ideal framework for the company with a focus on personal customer service and our passion for artisanal quality.

At 'Rune-Jakobsen Design' we mean it seriously when we work according to the motto: CRAFTED - NOT PRODUCED!

- we put in the effort, so all our products have their very own DNA.

If you have any questions before ordering, you are always welcome to contact us

📞:  +45 42434393

Best regards, Kari & Torben
Rune Jakobsen


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