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Orders will be delivered August 2022.

When we bought our country house in 1995, we were so lucky that two old seed-shaped walnut trees came with the trade. The previous owner of the house has stated that they are planted in resp. 1945 and 1950. We have subsequently planted a few trees in 2001.

The 1945 tree

The smallest nuts come from a seeded tree planted after the end of the war in 1945. The nuts do not win beauty contests as they are very irregular in size and appearance - in return, they give a nice dark and concentrated essence with incredible depth intensity. This schnapps takes time to mature - but then cognac suddenly becomes a bit indifferent .......

The largest nuts are derived from the old seeded walnut tree from around 1950 . It bears large nuts of approx. 25-40 gr. Each and gives an excellent essence with depth and finesse - but still a little lighter and not as tannic as the schnapps from the very small nuts from the oldest tree.

The 2001 tree
The medium-sized nuts are from a grafted tree that we planted in 2001. The nuts give a lighter essence with a nice taste and aroma . The tree does not yet carry the large quantities - so it is first come, first served.

Mixing from the three trees
We mix 350 gr. nuts from all three trees per. portion = approx. 10-15 nuts.

We pick the green nuts late July - early August and pack them in portions suitable for making 0.7 liters of walnut essence. The nuts are sent immediately after picking.

// Servings
1 serving is approx. 350 gr.

1 portion = 350 gr., (approx. 10-15 nuts) corresponding to the amount of nuts needed to make approx. 0.7 liter essence.

There are many recipes for walnut schnapps, but click here to see the recipe we use ourselves.

0.7 liters of essence can be mixed into 3 - 10 bottles of finished walnut schnapps (depending on how strong you want it)

There is free shipping to parcel shop

Orders are delivered at the end of July - beginning of August

All products are made "on demand" - so when you order a product in the webshop, we do not pick it from a storage shelf, but make it especially for you.

NOTE that we always try to create unique products with an exciting visual expression and color play. You should therefore take our photos as a guide and not as an expression of what a standard product looks like.

If you want a delivery estimate before you order or have questions, you are very welcome to call 42 43 43 93 or send an email - normal delivery time for standard products is 10-15 working days depending on product

Our juice thrills are not just for decoration. They are 2 cm wide and approx. 1 cm deep, so they can actually hold a lot of liquid, so you do not run it all over the table.

If you want a different type of juice collection than our standard grooves that follow the edges of the board, please feel free to contact us before ordering and inquire about the options for a "custom" juice roller.

I like to laser engrave name or logo in your product free of charge. Contact me before ordering if you want to inquire about the options.

Oak is a classic and well-known type of wood. The color goes from reddish to gray-brown, and it gets darker with age and the influence of light. The outermost part of the trunk (splinter) is light and without dyes.
Smoked oak is oak that has undergone a treatment that results in the staining of the wood. Depending on the wood's own acid content, the color after treatment can vary from light honey brown to deep black.

NOTE that the play of colors in the finished smoked oak can vary greatly. Therefore, a 100% uniform dark color can not be expected in the finished product. If you do not like the finished result, we will of course exchange with a smile.
American walnut
is a very beautiful wood with lively veins that change from light to dark brown with a sometimes dark purple tinge. Varicose veins, colors and structure in walnut wood vary greatly - but it is always beautiful.

I myself take product photos and of course constantly try to expand the catalog so that sizes and designs can be best illustrated in the webshop.

Unfortunately, there are not yet photos of all variants in all sizes, so the photo that appears when choosing in the webshop primarily reflects only wood type - not necessarily size or variant.

NOTE that we always try to create unique products with an exciting visual expression and play of colors. You must therefore take our photos as a guide and not as a guarantee of how the finished product appears in terms of vintages and color scheme.

Are you in doubt about the choice of design, sizes, colors or type of wood - or do you have special wishes for the color of a product - you are very welcome to contact me at mail or phone +45 42 43 43 93 and get your questions clarified before you ordering.

You are always welcome to contact me at:

📞: +45 42 43 43 93

📩: torben @ rune-jakobsen. dk

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