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Crafts from Japan

Japanese handicrafts have a long tradition behind them and are characterized by high quality and beautiful design.

We are pleased to be able to offer a selection of unique crafts that we ourselves import from Japan and sell exclusively in the webshop.

Beautiful applied art, created by selected Japanese craftsmen, you will be able to use and enjoy every single day for the rest of your life!

🇯🇵 Crafted - Not produced 🇯🇵

Crafts By Japan


Since the 1950s, the Japanese government has sought to preserve traditional craft techniques by appointing special outstanding artisans as 'Kogei'

These artisans are obliged to pass on their skills to posterity, and their efforts are supported financially by the state.

A 'Kogei' must meet five requirements to be recognized:

  • The craft must be made for everyday use
  • The most important parts of the manufacturing process must be handmade
  • The craft must be created using traditional techniques
  • Raw materials must be used that are extracted and then used in a traditional way
  • The craft must be made in a specific region of Japan where the craft is traditionally associated

This means that in Japan there are a number of very skilled artisans/craftsmen who, based on the Japanese craft traditions, create beautiful and functional products of exceptionally high quality.

We have selected a number of these unique products and offer them exclusively here in the webshop.

Do you have questions?

You are always welcome to contact Torben on ☎️ 4243 4393 or email

All knife holders can be made to special measurements, so send an email or call if you want a tailor-made product. Small changes compared to standard measurements are of course made without calculation.

All knife holders are handmade to order, so you should therefore expect 10-15 working days before your order is ready for delivery