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'Obon' handmade Japanese brass tray

Sale price$96.00 USD

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Brass has been used in Japanese crafts since the Heian period (years 794-1185).

Our 'Obon' tray is handmade by Japanese Sakami Kogei who creates the tray using a traditional Japanese craft called 'Hera Shibori'.

It is a method where a brass plate is fixed in a mold and rotated while the plate is pressed against the mold with a rod called a spatula. It takes great craftsmanship and experience to know exactly how to angle the spatula and how much force to apply.

Finally, the tray is given a brushed finish by a traditional matting process called 'Metsuke'.

'Obon' is made to be used and the brushed surface only gets more beautiful with daily use.

'Obon' has a fascinatingly simple and functional beauty and is made for serving and for storage and organization in your home.

The tray comes in two sizes:

  • 24 cm in diameter and 2 cm high
  • 29 cm in diameter and 2 cm high


  • Wipe with a dry soft cloth after use.
  • When the tray is used, the metal will become duller over time due to oxidation. Especially in the areas that are often touched by hands or tools.
  • In Japan, this natural patina is appreciated and the unique texture is called 'Atari'.
  • A Japanese would never polish his metal things, so leave it alone!

Sakami Kogei ‘Obon’ håndlavet japansk bakke i messing_1 by Rune - Jakobsen Design
'Obon' handmade Japanese brass tray Sale price$96.00 USD