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Knife rails & knife blocks with leather, linoleum or cork

Knife rails and knife blocks with leather, linoleum or cork that bring color into the kitchen while providing optimal protection for your knife blades.

Of course, we also manufacture knife holders in special sizes free of charge.

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'Leather protected' - knivmagnet med læder Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Leather protected' - magnetisk knivblok med læder Knivblok fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Colors🌈' knivblok med farvet linoleum Knivblok fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Colors🌈' knivskinner med farvet linoleum Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Cork' magnetskinne Knivskinner fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Cork' magnetisk knivblok Knivblok fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Organizer' magnetskinne Accessories fra Rune-Jakobsen Design

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