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'Moustache Axtin' - urtekniv

Sale price$484.00 USD

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'Axtin' with hand grip of combined carbon fibre and stabilised dyed wood with brass details.

You can use the herb knife for almost everything from peeling to cutting. This delicious little tool surpasses all other knives when it comes to precision work.

With its small and sleek design, the herb knife gives you the control, you need to peel potatoes or create the beautiful details on your finest dishes. But you don't have to make gourmets to experience all the qualities of this little workhorse! Try it and be convinced!

1.4109 stainless steel is used by the modern shaving industry and distinguishes itself when it comes to corrosion resistance and cutting Powers. This knife cuts like you've never experienced it with a stainless steel blade!

Leaf length: 12 cm.
Overall length: 21,5 cm.
Steel: 1.4109 stainless cavity grinding.
Hardness: 60 - 61 HRC.
Weight: 75g
For and rivets: Brass
Material: carbon fibre stabilized colored wood

    'Moustache Axtin' - urtekniv Urtekniv By Rune-Jakobsen Design
    'Moustache Axtin' - urtekniv Sale price$484.00 USD