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'Moustache - Gyotu'

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'Gyuto' means 'Cosword' and is a multifunctional knife, but with a primary aim to cut meat.

Although it is a Japanese design, the basis for Gyuto is found in Europe. Gyuto is the Japanese interpretation of the western (large) chef knife.

As the well-known cook knife in western style, the Gyuto usually has a high heel, a fairly flat profile (ideal for hacking) and a weak curve to the tip of the leaf to create a swing movement for precision work.

For most users, a Gyuto is the only knife needed in the kitchen. Although specialised blades are easier to use in some contexts, there are few tasks a Gyuto cannot handle.

Hand grip
The hand grip is a prominent part of the design. They are recognizable by their ergonomic design, the brass details and the darkness, Exclusive Wengé hand grip is turned in.

The tree is carefully selected to give you the best user experience. The stabilized* Wengé guarantees that your handhold will remain waterproof, And there won't be enough to penetrate the tree.

1.4109 stainless steel is used by the modern shaving industry and distinguishes itself when it comes to corrosion resistance and cutting Powers. This knife cuts like you've never experienced it with a stainless steel blade!
Leaf length: 26,4 cm.

  • Bladfinish: Mystic mist
  • Steel: 1,4109 Stainless steel.
  • Hardness: 60-61 HRC.
  • Overall length: 39,1 cm.
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Handle: Wengé.
  • Lines and Reefs: Brass

* Stabilization of wood is a process in which the tree is saturated with artificial resin to strengthen it and close all microcose Whip cracks and holes.

    'Moustache - Gyotu' Gyuto By Rune-Jakobsen Design
    'Moustache - Gyotu' Sale price$1,025.00 USD