'Antique' shelf with or without suspension


ANTIQUE is a shelf for your kitchen or bathroom with hangers for towels, tea towels, wine glasses or cups.

Choose Antique in solid oak, smoked oak or walnut with details in brass, aluminum or browned/patinated brass.

ANTIQUE can be chosen with shelf depths of 12 or 18 cm. Thickness 35mm

If you choose the version with suspension, the total back piece is approx. 80mm.

  • For wine glasses has suspension in double brass or aluminum tubes
  • For cups comes with a single suspension in brass or aluminum for cups with a handle
  • For towels (or tea towels) come with hand-turned knobs Ø15mm
  • Antique in 40cm has 4 hangers/knobs
  • Antique i 60cm has 6 suspension/knobs
  • Antique i 80cm has 8 suspension/knobs

When ordering, please state the following. under "Remarks":
Want details in Alu, shiny brass or patinated brass.

The small difference that makes the big difference
With us you will not find veneer or laminate. ANTIQUE is manufactured in solid planks of oak, smoked oak or walnut and they come in standard lengths between 40 and 80 cm with a thickness of 35mm 

Feel free to contact me if you want a size that is not available in the webshop or another for oiling - e.g. white pigmentation - then we tailor a solution for you. Small changes in relation to standard products are of course made without charge.

ANTIQUE has hidden suspension with quality fittings so it hangs completely "clean" on the wall - and screws and rawplugs are of course included

All 'Rune-Jakobsen Design' products are manufactured "on demand" - so when you order a product in the webshop, we do not pick it from a stock shelf, but manufacture it especially for you.

- normal production time for standard products is usually 10-12 working days. For products ordered in November and December approx. 12-15 working days.

The deadline for orders to be delivered before Christmas 2022 is Friday 9. December.

NOTE that we always try to create unique products with an exciting visual expression and play of colors. You should therefore take our photos as a guide and not as an expression of how a standard product looks.

If you would like a delivery estimate before you order or if you have any questions, you are very welcome to call42 43 43 93 or send an email 


Our juice rolls are not just for decoration. They are 19mm wide and 10mm deep so they canactually hold quite a bit of liquid so it stays on the board instead of spilling over the table.

If you want a different form of juice collection than our standard grooves that follow the edges of the board, you are welcome to contact us before ordering and inquire about the optionsfor a "custom" juicer.


I am happy to laser engrave your name or logo in your product free of charge. Contact me before ordering if you want to inquire about the possibilities.


Denmark 🇩🇰
DKK 49 to the parcel shop or DKK 69 if you want it delivered directly to your address. Free shipping on purchases over NOK 2,500

EU countries 🇪🇺
Standard products weighing less than 10 kg
Shipping 89 DKK / 12€

Not EU countries 🌐
Standard products weighing less than 10 kg
Shipping 465 DKK / USD

Customs, VAT and import duties may be imposed to countries outside the EU

The shipping costs may differ for shipping of furniture and orders exceeding 10 kg to EU / Non EU contries. Therefore, please contact us before ordering to get specific shipping costs on bathtubs, showcases, heavy chopping boards etc. Send inquiry about shipping costs on specific products.

All prices in the webshop can be displayed in local currencies. All transactions take place in DKK at the current exchange rate.All prices are incl. 25% VAT / Non EU countries can trade VAT free.Customs and import duties may be imposed if you order from a country outside the EU

The account information you enter when purchasing goods is sent in encrypted form (SSL) which only you and the purchaser can read. Thus, no one else sees or stores the information about you.

Your payment is reserved on your account immediately after placing the order and when it was orderedproduct is manufactured specially at your request is raisedthe purchase amount after a few days - i.e. before dispatch. If you regret your purchase, we will of course refund the full purchase amount.

  • We accept payment with Anyday.
    With Anyday, you can split your payment. You pay the first installment when the item is ordered, and the remaining amount is paid over the following 3 months. Anyday is free for you as long as you pay on time. With Anyday, you get an account that you can use at all webshops that offer payment through Anyday. Read terms for Anyday here:www.anyday.io/da/terms-conditions/shopper

Right of withdrawal and return
If you regret your purchase, we will of course refund the entire purchase amount including shipping costs etc.

You have 14 days after receiving the item to notify us that you regret the purchase, and then you also have 14 days to send it back.

Rune-Jakobsen.dk provides, according to the Sales Act, a 2-year right of complaint from the invoice date for manufacturing and material defects (missing). The right of complaint does not cover errors, damage or wear and tear, directly or indirectly caused by incorrect operation, incorrect maintenance, violence or unauthorized intervention.

The invoice must be presented to Rune-Jakobsen.dk in connection with the application of the complaint.

Any complaints about defects in delivered products must be made to Rune-Jakobsen Design within a reasonable period of time after the Buyer has or should have discovered the defect. Otherwise, the Buyer loses his right to claim the defect.

Subject to change:
Rune-Jakobsen Design reserves the right to continuously change and update prices, terms and conditions.




Eg is a classic and well-known type of wood. The color goes from reddish to grey-brown, and it darkens with age and exposure to light. The outermost part of the stem (splinter) is light and without dyes.
Smoked oak- is oak, we let it go through a steam treatment, which results in the coloring of the wood.

We only use "real" smoked oak - i.e. that we do not cut corners by using a dark stain. Therefore, our smoked oak can also vary in expression. Depending on the wood's own acid content, the color after treatment can vary from light honey brown to deep black. The smoked wood does not contain any harmful substances after treatment. 

NOTE that smoked oak can "contagion" if it comes into direct, long-term contact with alm. light oak or brass table tops.

The color and play of colors as well as the depth of color in the finished smoked oak can vary. Therefore, 100% uniformity in the entire product cannot be expected.

If you don't care about the finished result, we will of course exchange with a smile😊

You are welcome to contact us before ordering if you have special wishes for toning the smoked oak.
American walnut
 is a very beautiful type of wood with lively grain patterns that change from light to dark brown with a sometimes dark purple tinge. The grain patterns, colors and structure of walnut wood vary greatly - but it is always beautiful.

I take product photos myself and of course try to continuously expand the catalog so that sizes and designs can be best illustrated in the webshop.

Unfortunately, there are not yet photos of all variants in all sizes, so the photo that appears when choosing in the webshop mainly reflects only the type of wood - not necessarily size or variant.

NOTE that we always try to create unique products with an exciting visual expression and play of colors. You must therefore take our photos as a guide and not as a guarantee of how the finished product appears in terms of year drawings and color play.

If you are in doubt about the choice of design, sizes, colors or type of wood - or if you have special wishes for the color of a product - you are very welcome to contact me atmail or phone +45 42 43 43 93 and get your questions clarified before ordering.

You are always welcome to contact me at:

📞: +45 42 43 43 93

📩: torben@rune-jakobsen.dk

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