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'Antique 4wine, cups & towels' - shelf with suspension







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ANTIQUE is a shelf for your kitchen or bathroom with hangers for towels, tea towels, wine glasses or cups.

Choose Antique in solid oak, smoked oak or walnut with details and suspension in polished brass, antique brass or aluminium.

ANTIQUE comes with a standard shelf depth of 12cm. The thickness is 3.5cm

If you choose the version with suspension, the total back piece is approx. 80mm.

  • For wine glasses has suspension in double brass or aluminum tubes
  • For cups comes with 36mm Sødermalm hooks in brass for cups with handle
  • For towels (or tea towels) comes with hand-turned knobs Ø15mm
  • Antique 40cm has 4 hangers/knobs/hooks
  • Antique 60cm has 6 suspension/knobs/hooks
  • Antique 80cm has 8 suspension/knobs/hooks

'Antique' comes standard with polished brass. If you want aluminum or antique brass, you can write it under comments when ordering.

The small difference that makes the big difference
With us you will not find veneer or laminate. ANTIQUE is manufactured in solid planks of oak, smoked oak or walnut and they come in standard lengths between 40 and 80 cm with a thickness of 35mm 

ANTIQUE has hidden suspension with quality fittings so it hangs completely "clean" on the wall - and screws and rawplugs are of course included


'Antique 4wine, cups & towels' - hylde med ophæng Hylder fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Antique 4wine, cups & towels' - shelf with suspension Sale price$189.00 USD