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Ash Stripes - linen 110X180cm

Sale price$134.00 USD

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The wonderful, satin-woven Ash Stripes towel was originally created as a bath towel, but has since proven to be an extremely versatile product, which in addition to being super efficient for drying yourself after a bath or a trip to the sauna can be used as a throw on your couch or favourite chair to pep it up a bit - or what about putting it on the garden table as a casual tablecloth?

'Ash Stripes' is a unique product made of "raw" linen yarn. Therefore variations and irregularities may occur in the substance and the fringes.

'Ash Stripes' will produce some lint at first. This effect decreases after 3-4 washes.

Wash at 30 degrees and air dry.

Libeco 'Ash Stripes' hørhåndklæde 110X180cm_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
Ash Stripes - linen 110X180cm Sale price$134.00 USD