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Klässbols Black Blood

Klässbols Is a recognised and awarded Swedish textile fabric which supplies textiles to the Royal Swedish Court; as well as the annual Nobel Prize.

'Class bolts do not produce their products in Eastern Europe or Asia.

All products are designed and woven in Sweden, so you will not find more exclusive and delicious linen textiles.

The textiles are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)

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Why choose Klassbols?

Many manufacturers choose to weave their fabrics widely, which are subsequently cut and folded, and then the edges are sewn with them. An ordinary stitch.

Klässbols Weave their products to the edge and therefore have a very beautiful and completely cast expression with beautiful woven edges I'm sorry.

Do you have any questions about the linen textures?

You are always welcome to contact Kari at

☎️ (+45) 4243 2376