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'Chefs Mate' pepper grinder 13.5 cm - polished chrome

Sale price$106.00 USD

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CHEFS MATE in polished chrome is a solid and exceptionally beautiful spice protection, measuring 13.5 cm and having a diameter of 4 cm.

CHEFS MATE fits perfectly in the kitchen or directly on the table.

The mills are intended for pepper and other dried spices such as cumin, coriander, cardamom etc.

The spices are filled through an opening in the side, so you don't have to take the grinder apart. Really smart and practical.

The lid is made with a "tight fit" so that it does not rattle, but is easily opened with the help of a knife or a spoon.

The mills in chrome are made of solid brass, which is subsequently chrome plated, with a wall thickness of 1 mm and a solid cast internal grinder, designed so it grinds your spices for optimal yield.

The 3-piece mill first directs the spice down into the grinder where it is roughly ground to then finally become a fine grind.

The high quality can be clearly felt when you get this mill in your hands - they have weight to them, and are a pleasure to work with in the kitchen. Weighs 600 grams.

There's a difference between crushing and grinding...
Unlike many others spice grinders, with Alexander's spice grinders you get a proper grind that ensures that you get the optimal yield from your spices.

The three-piece mill first directs the pepper grain into the grinder where it is coarsely ground to finally become very finely ground.

- plus, the mills aren't just for pepper. In addition to the salt and coffee models, the pepper mills also grind all kinds of dried seasonings like cardamom. seeds, cumin, coriander seeds, etc with ease.

If you have any questions, please welcome to Contact us by mail Or telephone 4243 4393.

Alexander Mills 'Chefs Mate' peberkværn 13,5 cm i poleret krom_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Chefs Mate' pepper grinder 13.5 cm - polished chrome Sale price$106.00 USD