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About Tessitura

Rune-Jakobsen Design has an agency for the home textiles from Tessitura Toscana Telerie, which since 1947 has produced tablecloths, cushions, carpets, bed linen etc. in sustainable and exclusive quality from their base in Florence.

Tessitura offers a universe of exclusive home textiles that take you on a journey of experience, colors, quality and Italian aesthetics at its most beautiful.

Publication in watercolor paintings

Tessitura collaborates with various Italian designers and artists, who first paint the beautiful motifs in watercolors, after which they are transferred to prints on either linen, hemp or cotton. The textiles are manufactured in Northern Italy and both linen, hemp and cotton textiles are of course Oeko-Tex certified.

All the textiles are woven and sewn to a very high quality, so they retain both shape and color wash after wash. THE HAIR TEXTILES

Flax is the most resistant textile fiber in nature. It is durable and does not lose its shape. It is heat regulating and has excellent moisture absorption properties.

The linen textiles from Tessitura are sustainably produced. Only flax plants grown without the use of artificial irrigation or fertilizers are used. At the same time, only European-grown flax is used, which is considered the best in the world due to the climate, the producers' know-how and expertise throughout the production chain.

All linens are made from flax grown by EUROPEAN producers certified by CELC (Confederazione European Confederation of Linen and Hemp)

This means that there is control over the origin of the felt textiles and the cultivation processes that respect the soil and the ecosystem.

White, light and soft cotton is the most widely used textile fiber in the world. Tessitura has always chosen only the finest qualities of natural cotton grown in the best production areas in Egypt and the USA.

The main characteristics of the cotton Tessitura uses are its long and extremely thin fibers and its very high resistance. Residual products from production are biodegradable and do not harm the environment.

The packaging for Tessitura's products is made from cloth bags or from EVA-certified CSI recycled plastic.

Are you a retailer?

Rune-Jakobsen Design Has a Scandinavian agency and distribution of the textiles from Tessitura Toscana Telerie.

Please contact us. If you are interested in negotiating the textiles in your shop.

Do you have any questions about the textiles?

You are always welcome to contact Kari at

☎️ (+45) 4243 2376