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'Grounded' cutting board







Sale price$143.00 USD

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GROUNDED Is a design with asymmetrical details.

On the long sides the brass or aluminium rails are placed down against the table which gives a good "weight" in the board.

To The front is the rails placed high on the board and help mark the cut of the handholds.

GROUNDED Is made both with and without juice grooves.

Rims Is 2 cm wide and approx. 1 cm deep and therefore can accommodate a lot of fluid so you get rid of it runs out throughout the table, as is often the case with other types of juices that are mostly decorative. Juice groove, of course, is made at no charge.

The board is made as standard with brass details. If you want aluminium, you can write it as a note in the shopping basket.

'Grounded' skærebræt skærebrætter fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Grounded' cutting board Sale price$143.00 USD