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'Organizer' magnetskinne



Sale price$58.00 USD

Do you just need a neat little magnetic rail for your herb knives - or are you the type who always misplaces your nail file, hairpins, keys and other small things?

Here we go. Organizer Maybe the solution for you.

The elegant, narrow magnetic rail is covered with a delicious Italian leather and fits with its length of 25cm and width of 3 mm. 5 cm perfect into e.g. the bathroom, bedroom, children's room, kitchen or entrance hall.

The magnets are invisiblely encapsulated in the wood and divided into several rows for optimal attachment with several contact points.

This prevents your accessories from spinning around the rail and being attracted to each other.

All of them. Organizers Comes with hidden suspension and the necessary brackets, screws and rawplugs are of course included.

'Organizer' magnetskinne Accessories fra Rune-Jakobsen Design
'Organizer' magnetskinne Sale price$58.00 USD