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Pre-order 2024 - Fresh green walnuts from 1950 tree

Sale price$18.00 USD

NOTE: All orders Delivered early August 2024 regardless of the time of booking.

When Kari and I bought the country property in 1995, where, where? Our enterprise Rune-Jakobsen Design Two old frozen walnut trees were included in the trade. The previous owner of the house has stated that they were planted in 1945 and 1950.

In the years since, we have planted several walnut trees ourselves so that the total stock is now up to 6 beautiful trees of various sizes, which supply green walnuts to both private schnapps lovers as well as professional producers of walnut schnapps and liqueur.


1950 tree
The medium-sized nuts come from the frozen walnut tree from around 1950. It bears large nuts of approx. 25-40 gr. pcs and gives an excellent essence with depth and finesse - although still a little lighter and not as rich in tannins as the schnapps from the very small nuts from the oldest tree.

When you order one serving, we send 300 grams. Nuts which are ample essence for the production of approx. 3 flasker snaps.

The essence can be mixed depending on how strongly you want it.

There are many recipes for walnut but click Here. To see Elisabeth from Thybomads Beautiful recipe, which is the one we use and recommend

You can order all year round. We pick the fresh green nuts at the beginning of August each year and pack them in portions suitable for the production of approx. Three bottles of walnut butter.

The nuts are sent immediately after picking and you can store them for 5-10 days in the refrigerator after receipt.


Forudbestilling 2024 - Friske grønne valnødder fra 1950 træet Snapseurter By Rune-Jakobsen Design
Pre-order 2024 - Fresh green walnuts from 1950 tree Sale price$18.00 USD