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Japanese coaster in cast iron and teak wood

Sale price$84.00 USD

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This beautiful coaster is both elegant and robust like all good Japanese design. The coaster is hand cast in the Oitomi workshop in Mizusawa, which is a traditional Japanese foundry town.

Oitomi specializes in the manufacture of traditional Japanese cast iron teapots, but also makes a few other products, such as this beautiful and functional coaster.

The coaster is made of cast iron, which makes it stable and heat absorbent. The perfect partner in the kitchen or on the dining table, as you can easily place scalding hot pots or pans on it.

When you turn the coaster over, you can see four small, elegant teak wood feet that are mounted under the base.

This is not only done because it is beautiful, but also has the function that the feet prevent the coaster from scratching the table top.

Elegant and practical!

The coaster comes in two sizes:

  • 13 cm in diameter
  • 20 cm in diameter


The coaster is stored dry to avoid rust stains.

Narito Knives Japansk bordskåner i støbejern og teaktræ_1 by Rune-Jakobsen Design
Japanese coaster in cast iron and teak wood Sale price$84.00 USD